Culligan are Your Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts

Since 1949, Culligan Saskatoon’s mission has been to deliver high-quality water treatment products that will benefit every part of  their customers’ lives. At Culligan, they understand that a water quality improvement system is an investment in your family. Since 2013 Culligan are your Trusted Saskatoon Water experts.

How Trusted Saskatoon finds the businesses they promote and partner with.

  • They look for locally accountable businesses that have a reputation for quality driven excellence in the Saskatoon market.
  • Customers, clients and suppliers nominate businesses they are impressed with.
  • They survey many of their past customers personally.
  • They check the businesses online reputation and we speak to business references and past customers personally.
  • All past customers we speak to are surveyed – it is a pass or fail!
  • They ensure any required licenses, qualifications, WCB and insurances are valid and up to date.