Culligan Water Sponsored Wildwood Basketball Camps 2017

Since 1949, Culligan Saskatoon’s mission has been to deliver high-quality water treatment products that will benefit every part of  our customers’ lives. At Culligan, we understand that a water quality improvement system is an investment in your family. Culligan are your Trusted Saskatoon Water experts. As a locally owned and accountable company, community is important to us and we try to support where we can. We were thrilled to receive this lovely message recently from Kory at Wildwood Basketball camps, where we provided water coolers for the attendees. Thanks for the kind word and the laughs Kory. “Our camps are all completed and we would like to sincerely thank  the Culligan Water Company of Saskatoon for your continued support of our basketball summer camps!  Your generosity helped us handle the heat! Lots of positive reviews from our campers and parents for having your product on site.I have attached a few pics for you to consider using for any promos etc in the future. Only one shot is a bit more silly.  The rest are all supermodels in action!! haha  Jokes! We will continue to promote your business on our Wildwood Basket ball Camp website and our social media. Have a great summer!  Hope to talk to you again next spring!”  Kory