Santas Seasonal Savings With Culligan

Santa’s Seasonal Savings Special From Culligan Saskatoon

Culligan Saskatoon is excited for a visit from Santa, just like you are! In celebration of this holiday season, we are excited to announce a great deal we have.

2019 Seasonal Santa Savings on Culligan Water Products

Save $300 on a Culligan HE Water Softener or Filter  –  OR  –  Save $200 on Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis System!!

Santas Seasonal Savings Culligan

Plus, no payments no interest for 6 months!

That’s right, get the water treatment system you need and start enjoying soft, great tasting water in your home right now!

Benefits of the Culligan Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis System:

  • Bottled-water quality without the bottle
  • Up to 99.9% reduction of contaminants like lead, aluminum, mercury, pesticides, and more that can leach into your water.
  • Can produce the equivalent of 1 case of cleaner, pure-filtered water in one day

Contact us today to get a quote on a water solution you need – one of our knowledgeable water experts will do a Free Water test of your home water supply. From that, they can then provide you with recommendations on what reliable, trusted Culligan product is best for you. Plus we offer convenient, fair, and flexible financing so you can get the system you want, no waiting!

Culligan Saskatoon has proudly been serving Saskatoon and area since 1949. That’s more than 60 years of excellence in water, customer service, and product knowledge. Culligan is the name you can trust when it comes to clean, safe water in Ssakatoon and we look forward to meeting you!

** Offer ends December 31st, 2019 **


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