Welcome to our New Website!

Picture of Culligan Saskatoon New Homepage

We are pleased to welcome you to the new Culligan Saskatoon website!

Our friends at Trusted Marketing Services were up for the task of building us a new website that works for our business, and we are thrilled with the outcome. Their team created a website that meets our specific needs and goals. We wanted something clean and easy to navigate with enhanced usability.

New features on our new Culligan Saskatoon Website:

  • Our Homepage has several features that we are pleased to share with you
    • Our blog is front and centre – so take your time, read through our catalogue of posts from our water experts.
    • Our delivery calendar is easy to find at the bottom of the homepage, click through to find your route and add the schedule directly to your own calendar!
  • Read more about the Residential water treatment solutions we offer
    • Culligan Saskatoon’s water systems aren’t one size fits all, one of our knowledgeable water experts can provide you with a solution for your home whether you want:
      • Great tasting, pure water
      • Soft water to bathe and shower in
      • Temperature ready water at your fingertips!
  • Read more about the Commercial water treatment solutions we offer
    • Did you know Culligan Saskatoon works with smaller and larger commercial businesses?
    • We also have the experience needed to build large custom industrial systems too!
    • We provide ultra pure, deionized water for all of your needs!
  • Read more About the Culligan team in Saskatoon and our history in this beautiful city
    • See how we give back to various organizations and we are proud to be part of such an amazing community
Water softeners at Culligan Saskatoon office

As your local water experts, Culligan Saskatoon is committed to customer service and providing the best solution to your water needs. We even provide convenient water, salt, and ice delivery! We are your local water experts and our team is experienced in designing solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Culligan Saskatoon’s team of specialists have also worked with businesses in several industries to help them accomplish their goals, from restaurants, to curling rinks, to manufacturers, and more! Take a look through our new site and see WHY Culligan Saskatoon is your trusted team of water experts.

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